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Tangible Services, founded in 2014 is a cleaning establishment that provides top cleaning services for a wide range of clients in the area of The Hague, Delft, Rotterdam, Leiden, Leidschendam-Voorburg, Rijswijk, Pijnacker-Nootdorp and Zoetermeer. Our client composition embodies expats, locals, diplomats, young professionals, offices, businesses and day care centers.

Our services are not simply tailored to the demands of our market area, but to the specific needs and situations of our clients or prospective clients like parents with young children, the elderly and disabled. The focus of our service is on quality, reliability and consistency with a constant drive to satisfy every clients unique needs. We work with a flexible schedule and provide morning, afternoon, evening and weekend services to suit our clients demands and programs. Through dedicated in-house trained and experienced personnel we are able to provide one time, regular contractual or periodic cleaning solutions at affordable prices.


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Regular cleaning

No time or just don’t feel like cleaning? We will do it with pleasure. One time or regular cleaning at your convenience.


Commercial cleaning

A clean work environment for you, your empolyees, but also for your customers. We deliver a high quality for affordable prices.

One-time custom cleaning

One-time custom cleaning is a comprehensive, quality clean up when you need it! After renovations, construction work or any other situation that requires detailed professional cleaning.

After party cleaning

Home party or birthday party? And after your guests have left, you might not always have the energy to clean up? Our professional team will clean swift and at any time.

Laundry and Ironing

Don’t like washing and ironing, or not able to do it? Contact us for sharp rates and let us do the work.

Move -in & -out cleaning

If you plan to move-in or -out of a house and you want it spick and span then give us a call. You get the pleasure and we do the work.

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