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Parents with young crèche and nursery / primary school going children usually have a hard time catching up with work, childcare, and cleaning the house to the standards that they would like to maintain in their home.

Well, for them we have good news! Tangible Services staff are trained and equipped to pop in and make the house clean and shiny while the kids are in school / crèche and the parents at work. We have a consistent client list where we step in and clean as soon as the parents and kids leave the house. They return to a clean and refreshed home. This service has grown through consistency, reliability, and trust which the business has built for itself through the years.

Cleaning Aid for Parent might involve the following tasks;

  • Dusting, vacuum cleaning, mopping
  • Window cleaning
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning
  • Cleaning up the toys
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Washing and/or ironing

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