Our services

We supply a wide range of cleaning services, with a measurable outcome and a positive impact on your family, institution or company. We provide Regular cleaning, One-time custom cleaning, Move-in cleaning, Move-out cleaning, Renovation cleaning, After party cleaning, Commercial cleaning and Laundry and ironing.

  • Regular cleaning

We do regular house cleaning based on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly, forth nightly or monthly schedules, depending on the clients needs. The living room, all bedrooms, the bathroom, the toilet and the kitchen are cleaned on following aspects: dusting furniture and all hangings such as frames and mirrors. Vacuum the carpet, mop the floor. For the kitchen we dust all hangings, wet wipe all surfaces, clean cupboards from outside and clean grease, oil or stains on the wall. The bath cabin/bathtub and walls around are washed and dried.

  • One-time custom cleaning 

One-time custom cleaning is a comprehensive, quality clean up performed when you need it, either it being at the end of a tenancy period or maybe when a good spring clean is needed. One-time cleaning is recommended when customers don’t wish to commit to regular cleaning but need efficient and affordable service at their convenience. It is also widely used by customers after renovations, construction works or in other instances where detailed, professional cleaning is required. We also provide one-off cleaning for offices and other commercial establishments.

  •  Move-in cleaning

Sometimes the house you want to move into is not as clean as you would like it to be. The kitchen may be greasy and pet fur is flying all over the place. Let us clean it up for you

  •  Move-out cleaning

If you plan to move-out and you need to handover the house in a clean and tidy state to the real estate agent, then this is what you need. It does not have to be your worry anymore as we can do this at a very affordable price.

  •  Renovation cleaning

You have just renovated your house. It is complete but far from ready to move in. We can give it  the finish that it needs. Thorough cleaning including the removal of unsightly cement remains, overflow paint, construction debris will be properly chipped off and the house cleaned to your expectations after you have given us a chance to clean it up for you.

  • After party cleaning

After you had a nice and probably well deserved party perhaps you have no time nor the energy to clean up and present the rented place clean to the proprietor. No worries, we have a team of professionals that are ready to 'cut' sleep and be at your place or venue of the party at any time to do the cleaning job. We can have the party space clean and tidy even before your guests reach their homes. Now, is that not a comforting thought?

  • Commercial Cleaning 

Cleaning on contract for businesses, offices, institutions, etc. Please feel free to contact us and discuss what you need.

  • Laundry and ironing

Laundry and ironing we do for anyone who is not able to do it him/herself or simply does not want to. Give us a call or write us and ask for our rates.